Brenda is a fashion retail brand, based in Tel Aviv, that celebrates femininity and color. We offer creative, fun, unique and sexy designs for women who want to enjoy life.

Our brand was established in 2014 by Bar Marom, a former model with a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. Her dream was to create a fashion brand that would flatter women and make them feel good and sexy about themselves. The understanding of the woman's body, cuts, trends and how an item should be on the body, led her to develop sophisticated and accurate cuts that lead the brand forward over the years.

At Brenda we seek to produce uniqueness and a solution for women who want up-to-date fashion that does not compromise on quality. We have found that our way of taking our place in the market is to produce a mix of products that address the field of occasion wear, whether it's weddings, prom, afternoon events or any other relevant celebrations of a sort, but also casual wear for the girl on the go who just wants that unique look. Most of the attention in the development of the items is given on the cuts, fabrics, colors, international trends and that feeling that the customer gets when she wears the brand. The work method and production process bring great value, prominence and differentiation from the competition, and all of these, plus the confidence in the brand, the creative and unique marketing, makes our customers, Israeli and international women, rank us as one of the leading brands in the field.

The differentiation from other companies that exist today in the evening wear and casual wear market is felt in the impeccable cuts, the unique way we operate, the quickness of response, the wide product mix, our social platforms and especially the confidence of the brand.

The competition for our segment in the Israeli market is almost non-existent because we have managed to develop a certain method that does not compromise on fabrics and quality and on the other hand the customer receives a product that is equivalent to personal sewing.